Saturday, April 14, 2012

Show Off Your Classroom Linky and a FREEBIE!

Fultz Linky Button

Christie, at Ms. Fultz's Corner is having a Show Off Your Classroom Linky Party so I decided to join the fun.  I love looking at other teachers' classrooms.  Here are a few pics of mine from the beginning of the year.  I have a small classroom and a LOT of kids (32 has been the most this year) so it is pretty crowded, but we make do with the space we have.

I love that I have a large classroom library for my students to check out books!

What is your favorite part of your classroom?

And Now For a FREEBIE!

Here is a quick and easy Word Work Center that I  made with alphabet tiles, and ice cream tub begged from Baskin Robbins, and a dollar store ice cream scoop.  Click on the photo to get your FREEBIE!


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