Monday, May 21, 2012

The End In Sight!

I have been supper busy getting things ready for the end of the year - 2 1/2 more days!  My grades are done and so is my evaluation, so time to let my hair down a little, except that it is too stinkin' HOT - 108 already!  Anyway, today we did a Pinterest inspired project - Area and Perimeter People.  The kids first created a mosaic of themselves using squares of precut paper.  They had to make the people look as much like them as possible and use the whole page.  Then they had to figure out the AREA and PERIMETER of their person, and determine what fractional part of each color they used.  It took us all afternoon and the kids had a lot of fun with it.
Here was my sample...

...and here are their creations and works in progress.

Tommorrow is finishing our wordless book, making ice cream and signing beach balls.  Will post pics as soon as I can.  Enjoy your last few days with your kiddos!  It will be over soon.


  1. I am one of your newest followers. Thank you for all your wonderful ideas. I love them. I have passed on the Lovely Blog Award to you. Check it out on my latest blog post.


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