Thursday, May 31, 2012

Need your advise, please!

I need your opinion. I have been thinking about this idea I found on Pinterest for using dollar store frames and dry erase markers for posting lesson objectives like this...

So I decided to make some templates to go inside the frames that match my themed classroom accents (calendars, name tags, newsletters, etc.)  So let me know what you think of these two samples. Should I make them for the rest of my themes? Would you want something like this in your classroom?

Back tomorrow with more goodies!


  1. I really like your templates, especially the blue ones because black print would really pop out for the children to see!

    1. Thanks Lori! Do you have a theme in your classroom? I would like to send you a set for giving me feedback. I really appreciate it!

  2. I definitely would use these templates in my classroom. I agree with Lori that the blue ones are especially cute!! :) Great job!

    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  3. I've been looking at these frames from Pinterest too and have been thinking about how it would look in my room. I actually like the brown background better than the blue....but I think both are cute!
    Can't wait to see what they finally look like in your room!

  4. Hello, my name is Michelle and I really like the blue ones. This is a super cute idea and I was actually thinking of doing the same thing.

  5. Your idea is great. How are you going to hang the frames without damaging the board?


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