Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Anchor Charts

I have a lot of ideas for anchor charts via Pinterest, and I'm wondering if I should make them up this summer...
If you use anchor charts in your classroom, do you
Create the ahead of time?
Create them with the kids?
Start them ahead of time and finish them with the kids?
Please chime in with your thoughts on this.


  1. It depends on the type of chart. Some I've created with the kids. Some I've saved and will go over with the kids, and some I've started like the title and finished with the kids. It depends on the what you want the kids to get out of the anchor chart. I hope this helps!

    :) Kaitlyn
    Smiles and Sunshine

  2. I always create them with the kids- I will have the title ready to go and that's all.

    It seems that whenever I make them all on my own, my students never fully buy into them. When it's student-created, they also come up with some things I would ahve never thought!

    Happy Summer :)

    3rd Grade Thoughts

  3. The children get a lot more out of the anchor chart if they've invested in it. They're not as "pretty" if I had worked on them on my own, but it's not about me - it's about their learning, understanding, and applying.

    Sarah @ Learning is for Superstars

  4. Some I premake- or make the parts and put the chart together with the students and then sometimes, when I need them to help with responses, we make them together.

  5. I would maybe pre-make the title and cute borders/pictures but do the actual wording with the students.

    Miss Nelson's blog

  6. I make them with the kids. Someone on Pinterest posted to take pictures of them and put them in a binder so children can refer back to them. (I started this and love it!) You could do this over the summer with charts you want to use next year and you have them as a reference.

  7. With my artistic abilities, I usually have to make a good chunk of it ahead of time. The parts that involve the students' interaction are filled in as we go over it. :)

    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  8. I make all of mine with my kids. I usually put a cutesy heading and title on before hand, but I like to make mine with my whole class so they can be part of the process. :)

  9. I make the cute parts ahead of time...I usually project and trace...then I laminate them so that they are interactive but can be reused every year! =D I love it!

  10. I have decided to make them with the kids this year. Then the kids will duplicate the chart into their notebooks to use. I don't expect them to look exactly like mine, but all of the information MUST be there. I started this idea at the end of this year and the kids really took to it!


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