Thursday, June 14, 2012

Got a new computer today!

I took my old computer to Data Doctors for a tune up the other day, and was told it was on its last leg.  So today I bit the bullet and went and bought a new one, because I CANNOT be without my computer!  In trying to back up my files, I accidently  stupidly deleted more than half of my files!  I am just heartbroken.  I even went back to Best Buy to make sure they were gone for good, and yep, they are.  I may not be online as much for the next few days as I try to rebuild my files.  Wish me luck!


  1. Don't give up hope! There are TONS of data recovery applications that you can use! I've had issues with files disappearing after a few hard drive crashes, and was able to get back most, if not all, of my files that had been erased! I had luck with the EasUS Data Recovery Wizard-it does cost $70, but depending on how many files you've lost, it may be worth it. And trust me, those Best Buy guys, though helpful for simple things, aren't always super techy guys-you may still be able to get those files back!

    Good luck!

    Will Grade For Coffee

  2. I am so sorry that you lost your files :(

  3. Oh no!!! I'm so paranoid about this. My mom keeps telling me I need to get an external hard drive. It's on my summer to do list... I just don't want to spend that money :/ Sorry about the loss!!

    Dirty Hands and Lesson Plans

  4. Congrats on the new computer!! I hope you are able to get your files back.


  5. Nothing can be more mind-numbing than accidentally deleting some important files in your computer. Anyhow, my suggestion is not to panic. It’s pretty hard, but you will do yourself a favor by staying calm. That way, you can clearly think of the ways to resolve your problem. Did you happen to check the recycled bin? If it’s not there, try to install or buy a data recovery software. That may be the key to retrieve your files. I do hope you can retrieve it. Good luck!

  6. Benita said it right – it’s mind-numbing. I wouldn’t ask anymore how long it took you to finally recover for what happened. I know how files are the most important in the digital age. Anyway, let’s not mull over the past. Hooray that you didn’t count long to have a new computer! But this time, be more careful with the backing up task. I know your experience might have caused you to be more skeptic next time, so to calm you a bit I would say that it wouldn’t be a sin to check for a couple of times if you’re about to click the right button. ;)

  7. Oh men! Losing your files is always a terrible experience. But I have to admit, I laughed at what you did in replacing accidentally to stupidly. Hehe. Sometimes, accidents really happen, and I hope all your files are good for now. Don't forget to have a back-up. :)

    [Lakisha Rubert]

  8. Have you recovered your files? It would always be good to back them up every now and then. And if all else fails, find a good IT expert that may be able to help recover your files for you.

    Shania Simpsons


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