Friday, June 15, 2012

Today's DIY

Today I managed to do a little Classroom DIY. 
I made the individual dry erase boards featured on Classroom DIY. 
Click here for Charity's instructions.

I made 36 individual white boards in under two hours.
Here's what I made...
7 of these (shown with white cardstock inserted)
6 of these
11 of these (one roll of duct tape - 10 yds. made 11)
6 of these
6 of these
and have these left over.

Here's what I discovered...
1 - 10 yd roll of duct tape will make 11 boards taped on 3 sides with very little waste.
The packaging tape is cheaper, and the rolls are longer.
The packaging tape was easier to work with because of the dispenser and because you could peel off the tape and reposition if necessary (NOT true with duct tape!)
I did not measure and mark lines on my folders as Charity suggested (too much time for me, and I am not that OCD if the tape does not line up exactly.)  I laid the tape sticky side up on the counter and then eyeballed the halfway spot and placed the folder on top of the tape and then folded it up.  I got mighty good at this towards the end.  I got on a roll with it, and it was quick and easy.

Now, what to do with the left over binder strips?  I'm thinking I will put them in a publishing center and kids can use them to bind stories they write.  Bring on any other suggestions of ways to use them!  You will probably come up with lots of ideas.

So, what were you up to today?


  1. They turned out really good!!! love them!

    Dirty Hands and Lesson Plans

  2. These are very cute! Your students will love using them!

  3. Does the dry erase marker come off easily? I love them and really need to replace my old boards that are nasty. I think this is a brilliant idea! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Where did you buy the packaging tape? The colors are all so cute!

  5. Love these! We use page protectors all the time in centers and then they just wipe off. This adds some cuteness though!


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