Friday, July 6, 2012

This and That

Happy Friday all, and I hope you had a wonderful and relaxing 4th of July.
We sure did!

Happy 4th!

We may not have the beach, but we do live 30 minutes driveway to dock from the lake.
We went out on Tuesday afternoon for a little fun in the sun and FIREWORKS!
That's my hubs on the bottom, my son on the tube, and my daughter (the tiny one) with their friends.
On the 4th, we had a family BBQ and swimming.
This is my adorable great niece Lucy, who loved the pool!

Blog Awards

I have received numerous blog awards (3-5 every day!) and while I truly, genuinely
appreciate each and every thought, I am not passing them on. 
 I adore blog stalking and believe that each and every one of you have fabulous blogs,
 so I select you all! 
Now, I can get back to stalking, sharing, and being totally inspired by all of you!

Follow by Email

Do you have this enabled on your blog?  Like I said, I adore blog stalking and do not want to miss one single fabulous idea or teaching tip that you post!  However I do not always have time to visit each blog every day.  I completely rely on the daily email updates that I get from most of you.  That way I know when and what you post,and it can wait for me in my inbox until I have time to check it out, and I know that I will not miss one single little tidbit. 
If you do not have this enabled on your blog, I encourage you to add it.  It takes no work on your part, and sends daily emails to your followers automatically if you post.  No post - no emails.  Easy peasy!

Treasures 4 Teachers

If you are an Arizona Teacher, you definitely need to check out Treasures 4 Teachers,
"A Unique Non-Profit Organization Supporting Education, The Environment, & Business in Arizona."
I went by yesterday to donate a ton of stuff I cleared out of my classroom and was amazed at what I found.  Treasures 4 Teachers is a non-profit organization and resource center providing free and low cost supplies to teachers from community reusable resources.
Take a look...
This is their little "store" where you can purchase very low cost items for your classroom.

The rest of the place is a big warehouse where for a $35/year membership fee, teachers can fill up a reusable grocery bag for $5!  There is every sort of thing imaginable!

Stuff in this section is FREE!!!!!

They have tons of books to help build your classroom library.

You could spend all day there and walk away with tons of stuff for your classroom for

They even have die cut machines, book binding and laminating!

If you need stuff or if, like me, you are cleaning and decluttering, it is well worth the trip to
1230 W Southern Ave. Suite 105  Tempe.
Visit their website at
and find them on Facebook here.
You'll be glad ou did!

What I've Been Working On

I finally finished my clip chart!

You can download it for free here.  On the download, it looks like there is no background, but when you open up the file it's there. I dunno why it's like that.
The BIG question remains - to paint or not to paint the clothespins red?

I also made some schedule cards.  I decided this time to use analog clock faces instead of digital times.  My 4th graders STILL have a hard time with telling time on an analog clock, so any additional practice is a plus!  You can get the cards here for free.

The polka dot font is called Candy Randy and can be downloaded for free here.
I have made the file so that you can edit the text and move the hands of the clock to fit your needs.

My Pinspirations

I saw this pin quite a while ago, and have been wanting to make a template for myself.
There just wasn't enough space for me when I tried to put it on a two-page spread, so I tweeked it a bit.
We are on a six day schedule rotation, so my plan is also on a six day schedule.  I tried my best to make the spaces so that I could use post it notes like The Wise and Witty Teacher.  Here is what I came up with...

I have posted the template here and you are welcome to modify to meet your needs.

And finally,  I saw this pin and knew I wanted one.

And here is my version...

It's going to be busy, and I don't know if I will have time to post, but have a terrific weekend!
I hope to see all of you Arizona Bloggers at the AZ Bloggy Meet-Up next Tuesday!

Whew!  That was a long one!  Thanks for sticking with me 'til the end!


  1. Wow!! That store looks amazing!! Every state needs a store like that.


  2. Love your clip chart. Thanks for sharing! I could get lost in that store. I'm super jealous!
    Totally Terrific in Texas

  3. I wish we had a store like that here in FL! It looks like you have been keeping busy!! I love your creations. Thanks for sharing the schedule template!! :)
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  4. WOW! I wish I lived in Arizona to visit that store! Sadly, there isn't anything like that in Mid-Missouri.

  5. Wow! Love that store! Have you ever tried dye for coloring clothespins? I haven't tried, but heard it works great!

  6. Wow! Love that store! Have you ever tried dye for coloring clothespins? I haven't tried, but heard it works great!

  7. LOVE the schedule with the analog clock! I think I am going to try this for my JH kiddos. Hard to imagine, but they can't read a clock either!

  8. Cute No name board! Thanks for showing mine as your inspiration!

    That store is amazing! I sooo wish we had one here!!

  9. Thank you for leaving the link to the store, it looks fabulous! I just fournd your site and have become your newest follower.
    Where Seconds Count 2nd grade blog

  10. Hey I was wondering what materials you used to make your no name board?If you do not mind sharing please email it to me at


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