Saturday, September 1, 2012

Catching Up!

I have been so busy since school started that I haven't had the time (or energy) to post, but I have dedicated this day to get you all caught up on the goings on in my classroom.
Warning: This is gonna be a log one!

Calendar Math

I am in love with Calendar Math!  I am so grateful to
Stephanie Moorman from Teaching in Room 6,
Kristi Cornwell, and various others on the web and Pinterest
for turning me on to this fabulous idea!  
I am loving it and so are my kiddos.

I created this bundle to share with you how I modified things to fit my classroom.

The bundle contains everything you will need to get this started in your 4th grade classroom.

I started with a Power Point where I introduced the whole Calendar Math idea to my students.  I went over all of the pieces that we would be working on throughout the year.

Then, for the first week or so we did the Calendar Math together using the Smart Board.

Next, I had created individual Calendar Math posters for each of my groups.

I laminated the posters and bordered them with duct tape (my new best friend!) for durability.
Each group got 4 different colored dry erase markers (so I could SEE that everyone was participating.)
They get about 10 minutes at the beginning of the math period to work on this together and then we go over it.
At my school, we are on a 6 day schedule rotation, so every day 6, I give them a Calendar Math Quiz which they complete individually.
We did this one for the first two weeks,
and then I switched it up a bit, and this is what we did this week.
The way I created the file, you can mix and match to create your printable to meet your needs.
The bundle includes the Power Point, Smart Notebook file, images for the posters, and the student recording sheet ($15 if purchased seperately) for just $10.
All of the files are also available individually in my TPT store.
Click on this image to go to the bundle.

Morning Meeting

Another first for me this year is Morning Meeting.  I know that many of you have been doing MM for a long time, but I am new to this.  I ♥ it!
Some of the resources I am using for MM are 

I have also purchased this terrific resource from 3rd Grade Thoughts

Here is the board I set up for MM.

The clips on the left hand side are for Meeting Manager.  
Each day someone new gets to lead the MM.
The clips on the right hand side are actually kept at the students' table.
If they have something that they would like to share during MM, the add their clip before we start.
Here are the images for the top of each clip strip.

The Word of the Day idea I got from Stephanie and Pinterest.
I really wanted a new way to include daily vocabulary.

Here are some resources for vocabulary words

I present a new word each day (days 1-5 on our 6-day schedule) and at the end of the week I give them a quiz over the words from that week.
The words are posted on our Wall of Words.

The students are challenged to find those words in their reading and to use them in their own writing.
These are the words I used for the first two weeks.  I have these on labels on index cards on a ring on my easel.
Here is a sample of the first quiz.

More to come from our first few weeks tomorrow!


  1. Love the idea of different colors to see who is doing what on the posters!

  2. Thank you for posting about Calendar Math. I love how you do it in your classroom. My biggest issue with Calendar Math has been keeping ALL students engaged and learning. I bought the bundle and I can't wait to get it going!

    Simply 2nd Resources


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