Thursday, October 18, 2012

More Monster Mischief! ( and a bunch of FREEBIES too!)

There Are Monsters Among Us!

We have begun our Monster Unit and oh, what fun!

I started out by reading
There Are Monsters Everywhereand The Monster Trap
(my ♥favorites!♥)

We have been working on adjectives.
I introduced adjectives with these fun books...
I love Brian Cleary's books!
 I gave them a monster image to fill in with all the 
adjectives they heard while I was reading. 
(Unfortunately, I left the image at school, so I will have to post it tomorrow.)

Next, around the outside of the image, I had them write down any other adjectives that they thought might describe monsters.  Then they shared with their table mates what they had written.

I assigned the Monster Trap Project.
They have two weeks to design a trap to catch their monster.
It is a family project, and over the years I have have some AMAZING traps!
Click on the picture to get your copy (along with the project rubrics.)

Then we started to create our smoosh monsters.  Click on the picture for the directions.

Here are the kids working on making their monsters...

The next day I called the kids to the carpet with their sheets of monster adjectives.
Pulling sticks from the can, each student added an adjective form their list to create this
Monster Adjectives Anchor Chart.

I should tell you that this guy is about 20 years old!
I have been using him FOREVER!
He is BIG, much loved and well-worn.

I have used this poem for many years to work with adjectives.
I have no idea where I got it - a long time ago!
Click on the poem to get a copy.

We read through this together, identified all the adjectives, and noted the patterns.
Then we did a couple together as a class using this format.
We did one about cats and one about shoes.

Next, I had them use their monster adjectives and create a Monster poem.
Click on the picture to get your copy.  
This FREEBIE file includes a color version, and black and white version, 
and one where the kids can draw their own monsters.
Here are a few of their creations...

I made a class book with all of their poems.
Here is a book cover for you.
Click on the image for your editable copy.

Stay tuned  to see their completed monsters and other monsterific fun!


  1. Such a meaningful way to learn! You make learning fun!

  2. Such a meaningful way to learn! You make learning fun!

  3. Such a meaningful way to learn! You make learning fun!

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