Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Smart Art

I am trying to get caught up on sharing all the great stuff my kids have been doing.
Tonight I will share some of their curriculum based art creations.

Last week we worked on Native American art.
The kids made these FANTASTIC faux Buffalo Hide prints.
I got paper grocery bags donated by my neighborhood store.
First, I read aloud (ssshhh! Melissa, don't tell!)

Then I showed them a Power Point that I made with examples of actual
buffalo hide paintings that I got off the web.
You can grab the file here.

Then I had them crumple their piece of paper bag and tear it to resemble a buffalo hide.
Next they sketched their designs in pencil on their "hides."
The next day we "painted" them with markers.
They turned out great and are now on display in the front office
for parents to see during conferences next week.

The next idea I got from Jen Runde at Runde's Room.

I read the book "I'm Gonna Like Me" by Jamie Lee Curtis.

Then I had the kids write "I am..." poems.
Next, I introduced the project and we talked about the use of lines, 
spacing, and complementary colors.
The kids drew 7 or 8 curved lines across their paper.
I passed out the paint, brushes, etc., and they set to painting.

I used acrylic paint because what we had in the supply room 
in the way of tempera paint was YUCKY! and the colors were prettier.

After the paint was dry I used a large sharpie to draw the lines between the colors.
Then the kids added their poems to their paintings.
Then I laminated them.  This flattened them out, as the paper had curled from painting.
They, too, are on display in the front office.

These are some of the better ones.  I just ♥♥♥ them!

Three days off next week for Fall Break, then Parent Teacher Conferences, then it's
Monster Time!

Stay tuned to see what kind of October mischief we get into!


  1. Your secret is safe with me! ;)
    These projects turned out WONDERFUL!!!

  2. Could I get your email so I can email you about possible getting your powerpoint on your Buffalo hide print activity?


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