Thursday, November 15, 2012

Monster Wrap-Up and Making Connections

I am finally getting time to post the last of our monster goodies!
When we first started the unit (see post here) we made smoosh monsters.  
Then the kids wrote descriptive paragraphs to identify their monster,
BUT they could not use any color words.
They had to focus on the other attributes that their monster had.
Here are some of their finished monsters...

Can you match the monster to the descriptions below?

Most of them did a great job describing their monsters!

Making Connections

This week we began working on making connections in our reading.
We talked about what schema is and how we use our schema when we make connections.
I started out by reading these books, both about tough financial times, 
to which my student and I can all relate.
Next, I created these anchor charts.

While the kids did their independent reading, they made note of their 
connections and added their sticky notes to the chart above.
We discussed their connections and whether or not they aided comprehension.

Here are some of their responses...

Tomorrow we will continue making more connections with these books...
...and with this great art book by Bob Raczka
I would love for you to share any great connections lessons you have!


  1. The monsters turned out so great! I'm your newest follower :)


  2. Thanks for stopping by my new blog! I do a monster "swap" with my fourth grade team that is a huge hit with our kids. Your samples are fantastic! I look forward to seeing more of your great ideas!


  3. Your Monster Wrap Up is so cute! Love your blog! I have recently started my own blog ( highlighting the creativity of current educators as well as a group forum on linkedin where other bloggers can connect, chat, and share. I would love if you could join:


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