Sunday, December 2, 2012

Show Me What You Bought!

Did you shop until you dropped at the Cyber Monday & Tuesday sale?  

Here are some amazing stats from Paul of TPT:

We were hoping to hit $700,000 in sales and we did it! In fact, we had around $750,000 in total sales. Over the two day period, we had over 46,000 orders. In those orders, over 205,000 products were purchased. Traffic was huge and thanks to the new technology and all the good work our server team has been doing, the site was fast and fully functional throughout the sale.

Pretty darn amazing! 

So I have linked up with Erica over at Blog Hoppin' and
Falling Into First
to share the goodies I purchased.

From Adrienne Boone...
From Amber Polk...

From my friend Michelle. The 3AM Teacher
more graphic goodies...
Reading Penguins Clip Art Collection
Sweet Doodles: Frames, Borders, Lines & Accents

From Irene Hines...
Functional Folding Fun! Elementary Paper Folding Flap Books!

From Tara at 4th Grade Frolics...
Holiday Hoopla Math Centers
From Melinda Bullard...
"Owl Moon" Citing Evidence and Figurative Language - Commo

Multi Digit Multiplication Project for the Common Core *Re

Mean, Median, Mode, and Range Activity or Assessment *Skittles!*

Reading Comprehension Flippy Books

and from Smartboard Smarty...
Simile Smartboard Lesson - Figurative Language Smartboard Lesson

And these goodies for an integrated lesson with about 
DaVinci and inventions that I am planning with my friend Melissa Anderson.
(By the way check out her inspirational blog, 

Illustrating History: Leonardo da Vinci

Inventions Mini Unit
Leonardo da Vinci: Inventions Mini Unit
Leonardo da Vinci Lapbook & Mini Unit
Wow!  Do I have a LOT to do now!
What about you, what did you buy?

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