Wednesday, January 30, 2013

This & That

It's a Super Bowl Sale!

OK, I admit it...
I don't like football.
I know, I should feel bad.
Everyone likes football.
Not me though.
Teachers Pay Teachers is having a sale in honor of 
Super Bowl Sunday,
so I'm in.
Everything in my store will be on sale!  
My cart is already full.  What are you waiting for?
Start shopping!

Our Latest Book

Our first "published" class book was such a hit (you can read about it here,) 
that I decided to make another one!
As a culmination of our MLK study we brainstormed ideas for dreams 
we had for our school, community, and the world.

The kids chose a dream and wrote about it and what they could do personally to affect the change.
In the tech lab, they created and formatted their thought bubbles.
Then they drew self-portraits.
I uploaded their portraits and dreams into Snapfish (where I had a buy one, get two free coupon) and made them into this book.
I also created one at 
Studentreasures Book Publishing
that the parents could pre-order, but those have not yet arrived.
I'll post pictures of those when I get them.

I just ♥ the way these "published" books look!
Our librarian even wants copies to put in the school library!

Math Foldables

In math we are working on geometry.
We started out by making this 2-dimensional shapes foldable.

To get the shapes I used, click on the image below.

We also made this one for lines.

For the images I used, click the picture below.
I have more things to share, but it is time to head to bed.
So until next time...

What have YOU been up to?


  1. I love foldables!! Thanks for sharing these ideas! :)
    ideas by jivey

  2. Never heard of that web-site for making student books. My kids would LOVE that because we make student books all the time. Thanks for sharing that!
    Kickin’ it in Kindergarten

  3. Those books are ADORABLE! I totally need to use this idea :) Thanks for sharing!

  4. I really like your 'I have a dream' book it is so cool :) I hope I can make a class book like that- you have inspired me to be more creative and imaginative as a trainee teacher.

    I hope you can visit my blog too,
    all the best


  5. This is so great! We are going to start on these today thanks for the wonderful idea!

  6. I am unable to see the pictures you used for the lines foldable! Great resource, thanks! :)


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