Saturday, February 2, 2013

Super Sunday Sale, Linkys, and a Whole Lot More!

Warning!  This is a long one!

Everything in my store is on sale this Sunday in honor of the Super Sale at TPT.
I already have about $150 worth of stuff in my cart just waiting to check out tomorrow!
Here is just a preview of what's in my cart...
Nonfiction Text Features: Supplemental Materials and Assessment  From Mandy Gregory's store
Interactive Math Journal          From Jen Runde's Room
"Book Tunes" Fiction Book Report/Book Project        From The Peanut Gallery

Here are a few of the best sellers from MY store...
Inferences PowerPoint- A Reading Lesson for Third Grade     Parent Information Night Power Point Template - Apple Theme    Fraction Fun! - An Introduction to Fractions
It is also a great time to grab up these bundles!

Classroom Award Certificates Bundle
Classroom theme bundles
Regularly $10 - on sale for $7.20

My friend Kirsten over at KPM Doodles is also having a sale!
50% off until February 14th!
Now that is a sale you can  ♥LOVE♥
Click on the heart below to visit her site.
Use the code LOVE at checkout.
Here are a few of the cute things I just bought!
Basic Alphabet Primary  Bright Heart Attack Digital Clip Art  Valentine Brights Digital Paper Pack
COMBO Pizza Time Digital Clip Art and Stamps  Little Pets Digital Clip art


I am linking up with Farley over at Oh' Boy 4th Grade for the February Currently.

After all the weird weather we have had lately (record lows, record highs, and record rain - all within 10 days!) I am loving the mid 70's and sunshine today.

I have so many things running around crowding in my brain that I want to do with my class, at home, and on my blog, that I could literally sit at this computer 24/7 for about a month and still not get it all done!

My "baby" girl is turning 14 this week!
She is growing into quite the young lady, and I am so proud of her!
I just wish she wouldn't grow up quite so fast!

Pet Peeves
In my classroom, the kids know that lying, stealing, and cheating are my 3 BIG no no's.
I just have zero tolerance for that nonsense.
As for life in general, I get irked by grammatical errors on signage, publications, and such, especially those that come from our district office.  
Doesn't anyone proofread any more?
I am the one who always finds typos and errors in the books I read.

So what are you CURRENTLY up to?

Five For Friday


5 Random things from my classroom this week...

1.  I am loving making books with my kiddos, especially since I started using Snapfish to publish them!

We did the first one at Christmas time - The Best Part of Me
Read about it here.

And this one we did at the end of our MLK unit.
Read about it here.

They have turned out so much better than I expected!

We are working on a new one to go along with the book, A my name is Alice.

I made this template to go along with the book.

Idea from Suzanne at Krazy Town.

You can get it on sale on Sunday!

2.  I am in love with anchor charts!  We are currently working on nonfiction text features.
Here are a few from this week...

3.  Non fiction text features scavenger hunt with a foldable.  We made these foldables

using this freebie file from Amy's SMART Designs
Nonfiction Text Features Flipbook
and went on a text features scavenger hunt.

4.  Active participation in math using angle sticks.
Got this idea from pinterest...
Angle Sticks

5.  And finally, just for me, I saw this pin on Pinterest
Valentines Day Plaid
and wanted that for my nails!
Here's what mine look like...


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. I love the idea of using Snapfish to create classroom books!! I might need to try that! And I have sooo many things I want to blog about but feel I don't have the time either. Good thing I have a vacation coming up!

    Sara :)
    Smiling In Second Grade

  3. Hi! I found your blog through Farley's currently. I love anchor charts too, I just never find the time to actually get the final copy up on the wall. I also like your class books using Snapfish. That will be next on my 1,000 task long to-do list. I hope you don't mind, I'm "borrowing" your foldable idea.

    Best Wishes!
    Mrs. J.
    Surviving Sixth Grade

  4. Sara, be careful! The book making is addicting!

    Mrs. J, Borrow away! That's why I share!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  5. I really enjoyed reading your posts - I found you thru Farley :) I taught 4th grade for 8 years before moving lower to 2nd (not by choice, but loving it now!).

    Love all your nonfiction things! We are spending 2nd semester on nonfiction, and I am always looking for new ideas for my kiddos!

    Please feel free to come visit me over at my blog!

  6. Oh my goodness, I love your nails!!! Haha. If I tried that, my left hand would look fabulous...and my right hand would look like I let one of my firsties do it :)

    Sliding into First!

  7. Have no fear Cait! I didn't do them myself. I took the pic to my nail girl and she did them. I can't even paint my own nails!

  8. Those books look fantastic! The nonfiction text features are great too. Already pinned the anchor charts. I love anchor charts too! :)

    Eclectic Educating

  9. I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!! You are inspirational.

  10. Wow, Teresa! There are so many amazing things happening in your classroom! I love your class books! I'm a huge fan of making books with my kids and yours are incredible! Love the geometry sticks with velcro, too. We're just starting our geometry unit and these would be really great to use!

  11. Your blog is so great! I love KPM Doodles! Thanks for letting us know about their sale.

    :) Jayme
    Trendy in Third

  12. I love Jen's Math Journals - one of my fave TPT purchases ever! I will definitely have to check out Snapfish - would have never thought of using them to make a book!


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