Sunday, May 26, 2013

Fabulous Clip Art Sale!

Thanks to Jen Jones from Hello Literacy
for introducing me to JC Sweet Pea Designs!
(Like I really needed another clipart addiction!)
Jen found her site on ETSY and this
Oh my gosh!
What cute stuff!

Well, I just had to hop on over and check it out for myself.

Here's what Jen said...
The shop is owned by Jennifer Cox of the UK. She caters to digital scrapbookers, but said she is going to start making more school/theme related packs for teachers.  She has quite a few school related packs as it is, but she is willing to extend her $75.00 offer to any teacher that would like to use her graphics commercially, specifically in your TpT products.  She said, "I want to work with teachers and help them out as much as I I'm willing to not require teachers to purchase my Commercial License as long as they provide a link to my store in their product description and/or Credits Page." 

You can purchase her entire store here or contact her directly with questions here.

I just had to grab up this deal, so I thought I would share it with you too!

I finished up with school on Friday!

How about you?  How much longer do you have?


  1. We have until June 13 here. Argggghhh! Enjoy your summer!

  2. So i need to know what you do with the book called Bad Ideas. I loved the My Teachers Secret Life writing idea. Please share soon ;)

  3. I am so tempted to buy this! I have 20 more days :)
    My Second Sense


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