Saturday, May 4, 2013

What a Week!

Can't believe it is MAY already!
13 1/2 days left of school!
So much to do and not enough time!
That is the story of my life lately!

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See what I mean - NOT ENOUGH TIME!

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It's been a BUSY week!
(And we had Monday off!)
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Last week we had an Arbor Day celebration with the City of Glendale and the kids shared their Arbor Day Posters and got to help plant trees in the park next to our school.

Wednesday we had a field trip

The kids watching for our school and their pictures on the jumbo tron.

Thursday was Field Day!

and finally...
The good news is our district has installed ceiling mounted projectors in all of the classrooms.
The bad news is that I have to rearrange my desk and computer area to accommodate the changes -
Three weeks before the end of school!
Here's what my desk area looked like at the beginning of the year...

Here's what it looks like today...

This is a lot of stuff to reorganize on top of everything else I have to do in the next couple of weeks.
Going in tomorrow to work on it before the kids come back on Monday.

Here is my new work station area,
on the other side of the room.

Busy, busy, busy I tell ya.
What are you up to?


  1. You definitely sound like a very busy lady! Good luck with the organizing. Just 13.5 more days. You can do it!

    Eclectic Educating

  2. I have an instagram account. But I've never used it. TERRIBLE at remembering to take pics. #bloggernono

    Next year you will think "How did we ever do anything without a projector?" It's so awesome for using electronic resources with the kiddos. Granted, I didn't have to move anything when ours was installed ... cause I don't have any walls so they just installed it where the pull down screen was that we used with the portable projector. As the school librarian I had one of those before everyone else did.

    But hey. I pay for it with the "no walls everyone in the entire school walks through the library classroom to get anywhere and egads can that be distracting to those of us in the middle of a lesson."

    The Arbor Day festivities look fun! And the field trip!

  3. I would love for my projector to be mounted! That's awesome. Have a great weekend. :)
    Brandee @ Creating Lifelong Learners

    1. Brandee, I think I'm going to really like having it mounted. I hooked everything up yesterday, but it isn't working yet, AND I have moved it from where it WAS working. Go figure! Thnaks for stopping by.

  4. Found you through Oh' Boy Fourth Grade's Currently. I'm so jealous of your ceiling mounted projector!

  5. We have a project but it's not mounted. Sometimes I wish it were but I'm just happy to have it. It's a life saver! We also have 13 1/2 days left :)

    1. Maribel, I've had a projector for a while now. The district has finally gotten around to getting all of them mounted though. It will help get rid of some of the clutter.

  6. We are counting down the days and I have tons to do too! I still need to create my end of year video/movie for the kids. I've taken over 600 photos of them and I put it all to music with headings and all.
    If you have time, I'm hosting a giveaway of the CCSS Fraction Kit by ETA hand2mind. Trying to get to 100 followers...
    Your fieldtrip looked fun!

  7. What a nice big area you have for your field day activities! Best wishes for productive last days!!


  8. I have had my projector mounted and not mounted.... definitely prefer the mounted projector. Less chance for students to run into it or have anything bad happen to it. However it does limit where you can put certain things depending on how long the cord it. I hope you enjoy the last days of school. We still have 30 left.

    Ms Richards's Musings

  9. You had a busy week! I bet you didn't have to write too many lesson plans for that week. With only a couple of weeks left, your end is in sight. I've got until June 13th, so I won't start counting down until we're at least a month away. Good luck with your organizing. My projector means my desk can be in only one corner and that corner currently holds a number of piles of paper. You've inspired me to start tackling those piles!

    Mrs. O
    Mrs O Knows

  10. don't you like how technology comes at the most unwanted time... I mean we want it right??? but not right now!!! HA Ha I know how you feel we just got new Mobis and we have to have a project completed using them by the end of the year in order to keep them and I am all kinds of WHAT??? so my kiddos and I have been practicing with it and our project is almost done... so silly....
    good luck getting all fixed up!!!
    and thanks for linking up :)


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