Sunday, August 18, 2013

Get Your SALE On and A Product Review!

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Product Review

A while back I was contacted by Roaring Spring Papers to take a look at a few of their products and share with you all what I think.
Here's what I got...

Color Me Products – These notebooks and folders encourage kids to be creative and personalize by coloring the covers. There are a variety of pre-printed themes on the covers such as Aquarium, Farm, Sports and Fun Park to peak kid’s interest. 

Let me tell you, my daughter (who is 14 by the way!) was chomping at the bit to get to color these babies!  She was really bummed when I said I was taking them to school for my students!
What kid would not ♥♥♥ to have these notebooks to color on?

Sugarcane Paper Notebooks - This environmentally friendly product is made of paper from sugarcane, truly a renewable paper.  This is a notebook where, by purchasing it really does save a tree.  

I love that these notebooks are very eco-friendly!  Made from sugarcane and not wood!
I'm using these myself!

I saved the best for last.
I am in love with these notebooks and wish that I had had them available when I was in school!

 Cross-Over Notebook - Unique wire bound notebook that has college-ruled lines running the width of the page on one side, and the length of the page on the other side. This unique printing allows you to take notes three ways:  wide for sketching or to illustrate diagrams, standard, or use the backlight grid pattern the lines create for graphing. These are several great ways to get a lot out of one notebook-- crossover to a better note taking experience!  

On one side of the paper it is lined horizontally, and the other side, vertically.
The result is a very light grid view, PERFECT for doing math!

I already know of some kiddos who would really benefit from this.
Just wish that they made them with wider spaced lines for my kiddos.
Perfect for HS and college though!

Head on over to their website to learn more about these fabulous products.
and follow them on Facebook.

I also got to try out this cool new company and product called Smart-Fab.
This product is a non-woven fabric that can be used in art projects for kids and adults. The unique properties of Smart-Fab allow it to be easily cut, glued, painted on, sewn, stitched, and stapled. It's being used by hobbyists, parents, teachers, summer camps, schools to create fascinating art projects and activities. 
Here's a video I found on YouTube so you can see what it's all about.

It is really cool!  It kind of has the feel and look of paper towels.  It comes in rolls about the look of butcher paper.  The colors are bright and vibrant.  I just got a new bulletin board put up outside my classroom (and I do mean outside) and I cant wait to use this Smart-Fab stuff to decorate it!
The Smart-Fab Pinterest Page is FULL of ideas, too!
Want some for yourself?
Smart-Fab has graciously donated 3 sample rolls of this terrific new product for me to give away to one of my LUCKY followers!
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  1. Wow! So many ways to use it! Probably use is in a craft activity.

  2. I love the sugar cane notebooks, I will be checking those out!

    Ms. Chae Charges In

  3. I would use them for a craft in the classroom :)


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