Sunday, September 15, 2013


This week I had the incredible fortune to have
Melanie Layne, 
an Arts Integration Consultant
from The Kennedy Center
work with my kids and engage them in
Reading Art.
We talked about what art is using this book as an introduction.
Then she taught them how to "read" art, looking at lines, colors, textures, and objects.

At the end of the first day, she asked them to respond to,
What do you know about art that you did not know before?
Here are some of their responses...

"I did not know that art is everything.  
It's important because if we just thought it was drawings, 
we wouldn't know what art really is."

"I learned that art can be a leaning tower or nothing at all.
It is important because if you want to make art 
and you don't know what to draw you can just take a picture of something.  
You can also just put an empty frame on the wall for decoration. 
 I also learned that art can be just a bunch of colorful, 
scribbley lines and shapes.  
That's important because art can be pretty much anything."

"Something I learned is art is everywhere you go.  
Art can be just a normal dot."

"I learned that art can be more than what you think."

"Whenever we see a picture we can think about it without even knowing."

They also responded to the question,
Why was it important to talk about art with a partner?

"If we listen to our partner you can hear something 
that we never would of thought of.  
We can hear stuff that makes more sense 
and learn something new."

"It's important because you can get your ideas out
and learn about other people's ideas too."

"So you can listen to your partner's ideas, 
or you can maybe change yours.  
If you don't really understand how to describe it 
then listen to your partner's details.  
When you listen to your partner, 
you can think of better ones."

Stay tuned to learn more about our week of "reading" art.

Here are some amazing books about art by Bob Raczka 
that I use in my classroom.


  1. Although I wasn't able to meet the requirements to have Melanie in my room, I was in Krista's room for 2 days watching the lessons. Wow!!!

  2. I love this so much! I just forwarded all of your posts to our art teacher who has been looking to integrate reading into her art classes. It must have been such a thrill to participate in this!



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