Monday, February 24, 2014

3 Million Strong Sale!

WOW!  It's been a while!
This year has been really ROUGH for me.
My group of kiddos this year is a VERY challenging bunch!


I have to be constantly on top of them and have not been able to do any fun projects because they just cannot handle any sort of freedom.
For me as a teacher, that has made my year brutal because that is not the way that I like to teach.
That is why I have not had much to blog about lately.
It makes me so sad,
and frustrated,
and worn out!

I am starting to wiggle my way out of this little funk though, and I have some new ideas in the works.

What better time or way is there to get rejuvenated
than a SALE!

That's right!
Teachers Pay Teachers is
3 Million Teachers Strong!
 In honor of that amazing achievement,
we are having a sale!

Thank you to Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah-Designs for the cute sale graphic!

It's time to stock up to gear up 
for the home stretch of the year!
Don't wait!
Head on over now and fill your cart with lots of goodies!
You deserve it!
You've earned it!

Click on the image above and head on over to my store,
fill up your cart,
and then check out all the other fabulous deals!
Then come back and share what's in your cart.
Maybe we'll want it too!

On Friday, I'll choose a random comment, 
and that person will win a little goody from me 
as my way of saying THANKS
for sticking it out with me during my slump.

Who doesn't love a surprise?

Let's go shopping!

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