Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Fire Safety

Do you recognize this guy?

This is Sparky the Fire Dog, 
and today I am linking up with NFPA to share 
some fire safety lesson ideas with you.
is  fabulous website where you can find all sorts of fabulous 
songs, videos, lesson plans and teaching resources.
These videos available on YouTube and SchoolTube
are short, engaging, and catchy!
It makes it easy to fit in a lesson on fire safety into an already jam packed day.
This first one is geared for PreK-1, and it will have you humming the catchy tune to yourself.
(Don't blame me.  I warned you!)

Here's one for the 2nd-3rd (and even 4th) grades.

There are even links to teach your kids the dance moves!
They also provide lesson plans!

They have thought of everything you might need 
to teach this important information to your kiddos!

On the Teacher Page there are interactive whiteboard activities for grades PreK to 5
to motivate even your reluctant learners.
You can download this free e-book here.

These lessons integrate reading, math, and science in a very engaging way!

Check out these awesome resources and try them out with your class.
Then come back and share your experience for a chance to win a copy of the book

and a $10 TPT gift certificate.
I cannot wait to hear about what your class thinks!

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  1. This video is hilarious! My students would love 'Recess Monkey' and the dancing! We could use it as a brain break and be reinforcing fire safety at the same time!

  2. My favorite part of the video is when everyone is dancing (the choreographed part). My students would love this dance! The song is so catchy too!

  3. I like the catchy tune and I know my class would love the tune and the dancing too!

  4. OMG... These videos are so amazing and funny. I wish everyone should share these with their kids. They will love these. Seriously. I want to download them.

    Best Wishes,
    Fire Risk Assessment Training

  5. I LOVE how the kids are all included in the video... like so cute and I love that they know the words and movements :) :) Thank you for a great giveaway, Teresa!!

    Laura Love to Teach

  6. Sparky of courseee is awesome : ) : ) I have always loved Sparky!


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