Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Making Math Magical Art!

I just love these little guys, don't you!
They're from my buddy Krista 
You can grab them here.

This is our big testing week.  Ugh!
In an effort to lighten things up 
(in a fun and educational way,)
We have been making some Math Art!

Yesterday we made these cute Quadrilateral Robots.
(We just finished up our geometry unit.)

I found them on TPT and knew they would be perfect for this week!

Students chose 3 colors of construction paper,
traced all of the quadrilateral shapes,
cut and glued, to make these robotic creations!

It took them quite a while to trace and cut the pieces.
(Just what the teacher needed to keep them busy!)
All pieces and details had to be quadrilaterals.
I think they turned out cute!

THEN I saw this post from my friend Joey over at
Perfect addition to our Math Magic activities!

They had to create robots that were symmetrical.
Some of them had a tough time with this.

I think hers turned out better than ours
(as they should!)
but ours are cute too!

Not robot related, but we have also been working on this idea 
that I found over at E is for Explore!

Their original idea was for the kids to draw out the designs, measuring with a ruler.
I added my own little twist to it and had them create a template in PowerPoint.
They still had to use the guides and ruler to measure the width of their lines, but they were able to draw and copy the lines, and insert the polygon shapes (all tech skills they need to know) on the PowerPoint page.  Then they saved and printed them.  It took a LOT less time than it would have to draw them out.  They are still working on them, but here are a few of their templates.

Then they chose 2 complimentary colors to create their pattern.
Here is my finished example.

Hope they finish them soon.

What are some fun things you do to break up the stress during testing week?

Here's a fun geometry game you can grab right now on Educents!


  1. Love all your ideas...bookmarking for our geometry chapter! Thanks for sharing!

  2. What great (and fun!) activities, especially during the dreaded testing week! :) Great ideas! Thanks!

    Teaching Momster

  3. I love these ideas! I don't teach math, but will definitely be sharing your page with my colleague!


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