Saturday, April 26, 2014

Upcycled Center Ideas

In preparation for our annual 
Family Math and Literacy Night
I designed the easy to make and use 
literacy and math centers.

All you need are some empty water bottles and some blank dice and you are good to go!

The first one I made is a  C-V-C Literacy Center for K-1.

First I labeled 2 dice with consonants.
Next I wrote 1 vowel on all sides of a third die using a different color ink.

Students shake the bottle then make a word with the letters showing.

Then they read the word and decide if it is a real or nonsense word.

The file includes teacher directions, 
illustrated student directions, 
a student recording sheet, 
and links to purchase dice and labels.

It is a very FAST, EASY, and ENGAGING center!

You can grab yours here.

The next one I made was my twist on BOGGLE.
Boggle is a favorite in my class and I wanted to make it even more fun.

Again all you need are some water bottles and blank dice.
Easy peasy!
For each bottle, choose a word of up to ten letters.  
I get my words from 

Or you can just use random letters.
Label the dice with the letters so that the student 
could always make your big word. 
My suggestion is to have one or two of the dice have only vowels, 
so that they will always be able to make a word.

Students compete against a partner 
to see who can make the most words.

This one was a BIG hit with my kiddos!
They just l♥ve a little competition!

You can grab this one here.

Tune in tomorrow to see the math centers!

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