Friday, May 9, 2014

A Book a Day in the Month of May Days 6-7

This is kind of how I feel right now...

It's been one of those weeks years!
This is the roughest year I have ever had, 
and I am feeling more than a bit beaten down lately.
 I love teaching and inspiring students to do more than they think they can.
I am very passionate about what I do, 
and I love sharing that passion with others.

But for me this year has been one struggle after another.
My kids this year (most, but not all of them)
are rude and disrespectful, especially to each other.
They do not listen and are content to do the very least 
amount of work possible to just squeak by.
I have tried everything.
Nothing seems to work.
And I am feeling battered.

That's a big reason that I have not blogged as much as I would have liked.
Not much fun to share.

I continue to create in the hopes that SOMETHING will spark them,
but in our remaining 9 days I don't have much hope.

Don't give up on me!
I'm still here, still passionate about teaching, and still creating.

I just needed to vent a bit.

I am going to try to get caught up on my 
Book a Day posts and get back in the groove.

So without further ado,

Day 6 

C.A. Goody is a local author here in Phoenix,
and has been a favorite with my students for several years.
I have had the extreme pleasure to have her 
come to my schools in the last few years.
She always brings Charlie with her!

Here's her bio from Charlie's website...

C.A. Goody and Charlie live with their family outside Phoenix Arizona. Mrs. Goody’s first book, Charlie’s Great Adventure, took her as much by surprise as it takes her readers. The story was inspired when Charlie, who rarely left the yard and was outside only about an hour each day, suddenly disappeared. He was turned in to the local Humane Society five days later, having been found twenty miles from home. Soon after, as she sat petting Charlie, Mrs. Goody was wishing Charlie could tell her where he had been, and what had happened to him during his absence. She sat down to write a short story for her children about what Charlie had been up to, and the first book in the series was born.
Many parts of the story are true, including Charlie's hatred of riding in cars (he will yowl constantly until you let him out), his love of music and chasing flashlight beams, his ability to hug the people he loves, and his refusal to let the technician at the Humane Society give him any shots. The book was so well received by local children that Mrs. Goody began writing more stories about Charlie. She has many more story ideas, as Charlie continues to inspire new adventures on a daily basis.

Charlie is a cat  and all of her books are told from Charlie's perspective.
Great for teaching point of view!

There are now 8 books in the series, 
and your kids will L♥ve them!

Day 7

This is one of my favorite projects that I have done with my students!

When I discovered this book, I knew I wanted to use it in my classroom.
You can read my original posts here and here.

The first year I made the student's work into parent gifts for Christmas.

Then I added a class book to the project
(which I had made at Snapfish.)

Many of the parents bought copies of the book and I treasure mine, and look back at it often.
Favorite book I've made with my class!

You can find all of my Book a Day recommendations below.


  1. I know how you feel. This has been an especially rough year for me. I am not a classroom teacher, but the kids I work with have not performed up to their potential on assessments. It is really hard to explain to administrators that my children have made such great gains when the scores don't support me. I am trying to keep a positive attitude. I KNOW I have made a difference and I KNOW you have, too. Chin up and keep on keepin' on!

  2. I have had these years! I am blessed to have a lovely group this year. However, I am already worrying about next year's group. Will that be the year that breaks me? Even though the group is tough, your ideas are so very amazing. I am so glad you are back and blogging. I said this in a previous comment, but you are teaching this old dog some new tricks. And you are getting me excited about next year ... even though I know my group will not be nearly as nice as this one. Thank you!!

  3. I just found your blog and I am not a teacher but I had compassion on you regarding how you are feeling lately and I can relate. I prayed for you. I can appreciate that you need to vent. So many of my awesome memories of my youth are wrapped up in the good teachers who influenced me. Sadly some parents do not take an active role in their child's life that children are left with few good adult role models and great teachers like you fill that gap. But you can only do so much. I have read some of your ideas here and I think they are excellent. You are so creative and your passion shines through. I pray that your strength is renewed because a gift like yours is so needed.

  4. Oh, we have all had those kind of years. I sure have.
    Have you ever looked into Whole Brain Teaching? One year when I was having a pretty difficult class, I did some research and found out about it. I LOVED it! Just go to YouTube and search for Whole Brain Teaching, and you will find a ton of great videos.

    Hoping this year gets better! I myself have 3 1/2 months left of teaching, and this year has not been easy in the slightest. I am teaching English to blind students in Korea, and my co-teacher makes me literally hate my school. It is so challenging. But we got this!

    If you need to vent, then vent! You can vent to me anytime if you want. My email is

    Sending strength your way!
    Southern Fried Teachin’

  5. I have had years like this..... Hang on! You get to start afresh after a few months recoup time! Venting is the best thing, and maybe a margarita.....have you tried Whole Brain Teaching? You can search on YouTube and get pointers from one of the Founders, Chris Biffle.


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