Friday, May 2, 2014

Four Corners and A Book a Day - Day 2

Got this idea from Jen Runde over at

Students work independently on a post it, 
and then come together to determine the 

I used her idea for a few different things.

The first time was as we were finishing up our 
Weather Unit 
in Science.

When the kids came in, they each got a playing card.
These were mixed up and in no particular order.
I had selected cards so that there were just enough 
for each student to get one, 
and for groups to be evenly distributed.

We had just finished learning about the layers of the atmosphere.

Each student also received a large post it note.

What they had to record depended on which suit they got on their playing card.
(Don't judge!  I cannot draw for beans!)

On their post it they had to include all of the important 
information about that layer of the atmosphere.

Once they finish those, they got together 
with the other people that had the same value card 
(all the 7s together, 3s together, etc.)

They were to work together to make sure that 
had all the correct information for their layer of the atmosphere.
If someone left something out,
 they were supposed to help that person 
get all the info down.

Next, they worked together to make a poster about
the layers of the atmosphere.
EVERYONE had to contribute.
They were each responsible for their layer, 
but TOGETHER they had to make sure that their poster 
had all the necessary information.

Some were successful at this, and some, not so much.

Here are a few of their posters...
(Their post its were on the back.)

For Math, we used this same process
to work on multi-step problem solving 
and order of operations.

I wanted to help make sure that everyone was going 
through all of the steps in the problems.

The each got a copy of the problem 
and an index card to work it out on.
Then they got into their groups to make sure that 
everyone was on track with solving the problem.

We did order of operations too, 
but I didn't remember to take pictures.

Thanks Jennifer Runde for this awesome idea!

For today's book I want to share a book I found last year 
that has definitely become a favorite read aloud with my kids.

THE MEMORY BANK is the story of Hope Scroggins, who lives with her beloved sister Honey and the Dursley-esque parents they share. In fact these parents are SO horribly awful that one day, when the sisters disobey the rule against "no laughing", they banish Honey forever, telling Hope that she must simply "forget" her. 

Hope knows that she HAS to find her sister again, before her memories of Honey fade. But before she can even begin to look, she's whisked away to the World Wide Memory Bank, where her accounts are in disarray...

My kids l♥ved it and begged me to keep reading every day when I tried to stop!

Do you have a favorite read aloud?
I would love for you to link up and share!


  1. Oh! I love this idea! Thank you so much for sharing. I also plan on checking out that read aloud. My boys are looking for something new to read this summer.

  2. I love this idea and it's something that I can do this week! Thanks for sharing!


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