Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Got Science?

Do your kiddos love science as much as mine do?
I swear they would do science stuff

Educents has some AWESOME 
science deals
going on right now!

And now it gets even better!
Educents is celebrating Labor Day
with an added 10% discount!

The 10% OFF will be valid from 
Friday, August 29th, through Monday, September 1st. 

Make sure to use the code
to get your extra 10% Discount!

First up is this
Slimy, Squishy
(You've got the kids already with slimy and squishy!)
Polymer Bucket.
This bucket of FUN includes Silly Squares that will grow more than 100 times their size in mere hours! The kit is complete with an activity and experiment guide to help your little scientists test some very important scientific theories!

What kiddo would not LOVE 
getting their hands on something 
slimy and squishy?

You can grab this kit for just $11.99 here.

Here is a steal of a deal on 
4 ebook PDF files that you can 
print or project on your board!

For another day or so,
you can get these for 69% off!
Just $4.99 for 4 books!
What a deal!
Grab 'em here.

But the BEST deal just might be
A 12-month subscription to Ms. Frizzle-approved, 
whacky experiments 
delivered to your doorstep 
for award-winning science FUN-- 
50% OFF (+ free shipping within the US). 
First kit ships mid-September 2014.

You'll receive one kit per month.
  Over 40 activity cards that start with basic science safety, 
supplies you would not be able to find at home for the activities, 
and a science journal are all included!  
The items included in the kit are very durable 
and meant for little hands!
Not enough time for Science, you say? 
 Pair these activities with a writing journal 
and you have science and ELA together!
 You are giving your students first hand experiences 
with science concepts so they can then go and write about it!  
That's the way to get it all in!
A whole YEAR of science fun for just
Sounds like a lot, 
but that's only $10 a month and it's
Grab yours here!

For the older kids,
here is a fun

Snap Circuits Light Kit

Watch and be amazed at what your music can do 
with the new Snap Circuits Lights. 
Connect your iPod or any MP3 player 
and enjoy your music as the lights change to the beat. 
This self-guided project is great for kids to use 
while learning about science & circuits!
 Infrared Detector, Strobe Light, 
Color-Changing LED, 
Lighted and Glow-in-the-Dark Fans, 
Strobe integrated circuit (IC), 
Fiber Optic communication, 
Color organ controlled by iPod or other MP3 player, voice or finger.
*Music player not included with purchase. User will need a music player to use this product.

This would make an incredible addition to any
Electricity/Circuits unit!
Get yours here!

Have fun, 
Get Your Science On!

Make sure to use the code
to get your extra 10% Discount!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Positive Thoughts Thursday and a New Learning Objectives Poster Set

Today I am linking up again with Jennifer for her...

Do what YOU love!

I love making new goodies for you!

Today I finished a new 
Learning Objectives Poster Set
the ever-so-adorable
Melonheadz Kidlettes!

I just love all the kidlettes!
and with Build-a-Kidlette I can make even more!

Hop on over to my TPT store to grab your set now!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A Back-to-School BOOST!

Did you miss out on getting all the things you wanted during the TPT Back-to-School Sale?
Are there new things that you have added to your wishlist?
Teachers Pay Teacher is having a
Wed. August 20 ONLY!
Everything in my store will be on sale for 28% off on Wednesday only.
Make sure you use the code BOOST at checkout!

This is a great time to grab all the goodies you have been wanting,
just in time for back-to-school,
or now that you are settling in.

Have an AWESOME school year!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Monday Made It!

I finally have something to share for Monday Made it!
I am liking up with Tara from 

I don't know about you, but all those
decorated drawer units 
frustrate the heck out of me!
I must be paper challenged because I can 
NEVER get the paper in the drawers right,
and then it all looks funky.

I had a ton of duct tape from other
 projects that I wanted to use up.
I do OK with duct tape, 
so I though it would give that a try!

Ta Da!

I wrapped the drawers with duct tape. 
 It took two layers to cover the sides.
Then I added strips to the top and 
trimmed with an exacto knife.
(It took almost a whole roll of tape for the entire set.)

Next I cut and added vinyl letters to label the drawers.

Easy Peasy!

I'm Lovin' It!

I'm heading on over now to check out all the goodies you have made!
Come on along!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Loved That Lesson!

Today I'm joining my buddy Meg from 
to share (again) one of my
all-time-favorite back-to-school lessons.
This is one of my most pinned posts.

One of the things we did was the sticky note posters - you know which ones.  
They are all over Pinterest.
Here are ours...

No surprises on this one.  
We learn new stuff every day.
We learn new things.
To get ready for college.

Survey says...
Clean, Quiet, Fun!

OKAY, a few surprises here...
To fly around the world. (?)
Being good.
Getting good grades/Honor Roll
Getting organized

They nailed this one!
Work hard. 
Pay attention!
No talking, playing and doing silly stuff.
Here are some of their responses...

My third grade pals trained them well!

Oh, and they want HOMEWORK!

Here's what they want from each other...

I L♥VED this lesson!

What is your favorite back-to-school lesson?

Friday, August 8, 2014

First Day Subbing and a Couple of NEW Products!

I did my first subbing job this year
(and it's only the third day of school!)
After the last several years in 4th grade, 
I forgot just how sweet 3rd graders are!
I had a wonderful day with a great bunch of kiddos
at Sundance Elementary.

It was sooooo nice to walk out at 3:00
and not have to worry about 
lesson plans for the next week!

As a little gift for the teacher, 
I left a couple copies of files I have made 
and a business card.

Maybe I'll get a new customer,
 and maybe she'll spread the word.

Last night I posted my new 

The kids had Fun Friday today, 
so I taught them how to play.
Some of them even chose to play 
during their free time.
It was a hit!

I also left he a copy of my new 

She had the kids to an initial assessment writing prompt today,
and I almost used mine, but instead I left it for her to (hopefully) use in the future.

I think that for each class I sub in, 
I will choose a product appropriate for that grade level 
to leave as a "parting gift."

Would you like to have something like that 
waiting for you after you have been absent?

By request I also added a new newsletter template to the store today.

I have been want to do some owl theme goodies for quite a while, and finally am getting around to it.

So, what can I make for YOU today?

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Back-to-School Sale and Some New Products!

The annual Teachers Pay Teachers
Back-to-School Sale is just a few hours away!

Although I am kind of sad about not buying new goodies for a class this year,  I have been working hard on some new goodies for YOU!

Just in time for the sale is my

I just l♥ve it!
It contains a back-to-school poem and writing prompt 
about what students feel is the best (or worst) thing about coming back to school.
It is great for doing an initial writing assessment to kick off the year
 and see just what your students' strengths and weaknesses are.

Take a peek to see just what you get!
Also newly added are my
This classroom newsletter bundle contains 12 different seasonal/holiday themed classroom newsletter templates. The templates are completely editable, except for the graphics, and can be customized to meet your needs. All fonts are imbedded in the file and are editable as well. In addition, the file includes a video tutorial on how to edit and save your newsletter for printing or sharing with parents.

Seasons/Holidays included are:
Valentine’s Day
St. Patrick’s Day
Rainy Weather
Summer/Outdoor Fun
Summer/ Water Fun
4th of July/Patriotic
Back-to School
This $36 value is available for just $12
ON SALE for $8.64!
What a deal!!!
Have you seen my whole class reward Behavior BINGO?
My kids loved this when I used in in my classroom!

I also have two new Parent Information Night Presentations.

Perfect for Back-to-School is my  
Math About Me Poster Project!

A Couple of MY favorites are my Upcycled Math Centers


my Pizza and Banana Split Multiplication games.

All of these products are perfect for beginning a new year!

What's in my cart, you ask?

LOTS of clip art, 

From by buddy Krista at Creative Clips - 


This Melonheadz cutie - 

...and from EduClips - 


for upcoming projects.

What's in your cart?

Come back after the sale and share what you bought 
for a chance to win a $10 TPT gift card!

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