Friday, August 8, 2014

First Day Subbing and a Couple of NEW Products!

I did my first subbing job this year
(and it's only the third day of school!)
After the last several years in 4th grade, 
I forgot just how sweet 3rd graders are!
I had a wonderful day with a great bunch of kiddos
at Sundance Elementary.

It was sooooo nice to walk out at 3:00
and not have to worry about 
lesson plans for the next week!

As a little gift for the teacher, 
I left a couple copies of files I have made 
and a business card.

Maybe I'll get a new customer,
 and maybe she'll spread the word.

Last night I posted my new 

The kids had Fun Friday today, 
so I taught them how to play.
Some of them even chose to play 
during their free time.
It was a hit!

I also left he a copy of my new 

She had the kids to an initial assessment writing prompt today,
and I almost used mine, but instead I left it for her to (hopefully) use in the future.

I think that for each class I sub in, 
I will choose a product appropriate for that grade level 
to leave as a "parting gift."

Would you like to have something like that 
waiting for you after you have been absent?

By request I also added a new newsletter template to the store today.

I have been want to do some owl theme goodies for quite a while, and finally am getting around to it.

So, what can I make for YOU today?


  1. How awesome is that?! I would love to have a sub leave a product that I could use! You rock!

  2. I would love to have a sub like you in my classroom! We are lucky to get subs that aren't just there thinking it's easy babysitting money. I bet you get requested a lot!

    Forever in Fifth Grade

  3. I love that newsletter. Can you make a nautical theme one? It's so cute and I love how it's organized.

    1. Nikki, what would you want on it? What colors?

    2. Nikki8,
      I just posted it here...

  4. My teammate had to be out last year on the second day of school because she had the dreaded stomach bug! It is sooo wonderful to be able to rely on great subs like you must be. I would love it if a sub left something useful for me. Great idea! ~ Lisa


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