Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Proofreading Detectives - An Editing FREEBIE!

Today I have for you a fun and easy activity to help students with proofreading.

My kiddos always loved the idea of being detectives and searching for clues.

Using magnifying glasses always 
seemed to make them feel smarter.

Capitalizing on that idea, 
here's a fun way to make the kids

By using these magnifying glasses,
student search for errors in their writing.

Cut out the inner circle of the magnifying glass 
and laminate.  The laminating make it look like 
there is really glass there!

Start by writing a short passage on a piece of chart 
paper or the board, making several 
capitalization and punctuation mistakes.

Call students to the board to "magnify" the mistakes 
they find and correct them.

The handle of each magnifying glass has reminders 
to help the kids remember what they are searching for.

There is also a poster to provide a visual reminder.

Then send the kiddos back to their desks with the smaller versions of the magnifying glass for them to keep in their writing folders or notebooks so they can investigate their ow writing.

They will soon become proficient Proofreading Detectives and be able to spot errors quickly.

You can grab this Proofreading Detectives FREEBIE by clicking on the image below.

I would love to hear what other fun ways you use 
to get your kiddos to work on editing!

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