Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Loved That Lesson!

Today I am linking up with my buddy Meg over at 
to share one of my favorite lessons to do around Thanksgiving.

This is my version of a strategy called Sketch to Stretch.
I use this strategy to keep the kids engaged during certain read alouds.

For this one, I used the book,

I chose 8 different places in the story to stop.
I have the kids fold a blank piece of paper into eight spaces and number them.

As I read aloud, I do not show the cover illustration or any of the pictures.
As I reach each of the places I have marked to pause,
I say, "Ready, draw!"
They have 2-3 minutes to draw in that box what has happened so far in the story.
They must draw for the whole time, adding details that they remember from the story.
When the 2-3 min. is up, they put their pencils down and I continue reading until the next pausing point.  I repeat with all of the 8 spots I have marked in the story.

Here are some completed examples from Turk & Runt.

It's a great (and novel) way to do a quick check for comprehension
it keeps the kids paying attention while you are reading.

I have done this activity with several picture books and even with chapters from a novel.

My kiddos and I L♥VE That Lesson!

Here are some of my favorite Thanksgiving picture books.

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