Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Wordless Wednesday

Wednesday means it's time for...

Me, I'd love to be a CSI!
How about you?


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  2. Fun question! If I weren't a teacher, I'd love to write children's books or do digital scrapbooking projects for hire. I'm not entirely sure that's a real thing, though! :)

  3. I'd really love to create curricula full-time - I've enjoyed making learning tools for 20 years! I'd also love to be a book editor, but I know it's much more work than it appears. Your blog is AWESOME - Michelle outdid herself! So glad I found you through the linky party, Jen

  4. If I weren't a teacher I would be a personal trainer. I really love working out, it is just hard to find the time to do it. That way I would still sort of be teaching, just at the

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