Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Introducing... BOOMWRITER!

BoomWriter is a free group-writing website where students develop and enhance their writing, reading, vocabulary, and peer assessment skills.  The award-winning educational technology website features three collaborative writing tools--WordWriter, StoryWriter, and the new ProjectWriter--providing an effective and personalized learning resource for a variety of curricula both in and out of the classroom. 

WordWriter provides teachers with an interactive vocabulary learning experience that increases engagement levels and develops a deeper understanding in students through application in their own written work.  Teachers add in the words and terms they’d like their students to utilize in their writing, and as students write, the words are automatically highlighted, letting both teacher and student know which words have been included.  

Using StoryWriter teachers can conduct group story-writing activities with their students that get published!  Students develop their understanding of key literary elements through their own writing and when finished, the class’s story becomes a real published paperback book, in which every student’s name is included as a participating author! 

BoomWriter’s new tool, ProjectWriter, lets teachers conduct nonfiction group-writing projects perfect for History/Social Studies, Science, and ELA.  ProjectWriter is ideal for dissecting whole units of study into smaller sections and provides teachers with an optional Word Bank feature, letting students demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of the key concepts and terms being taught.

Here's how it works...
After creating your account, you add your students.


There are lesson plans available for download.

There is a LOT to explore on the site!

All of BoomWriter’s features are aligned with the Common Core State Standards and are a fun, easy to manage, and academically-impactful way to bring technology into the classroom!  Also, teachers can use their students’ submissions to assess the levels of understanding taking place on both an individual and/or whole class basis, as well as provide each student with personalized feedback.  For more information and to begin using BoomWriter in your classroom, please visit www.boomwriter.com and register for free!

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