Thursday, April 2, 2015

The big REVEAL!

Hey, You made it!
Did the suspense kill ya?
 Educents is opening their 
What does that mean? 
 That means that besides the already incredible deals they offer on a daily basis, you can now purchase items from sellers' stores, also on a daily basis! 

That’s right!  
Over 500 sellers
have already created stores in the 
Educents Marketplace
so you are sure to find some money-saving deals 
anytime you need them!

More ways to 
on great educational products!

In honor of the launch of the new marketplace,several of the sellers are joining together to bring you a sneak peek at a FREE product offered in their new storefront, as well as hosting a giveaway for $50 worth of Educents Credits.  Think of what you could buy for your classroom with that kind of money!  And, there are several groups of bloggers who are joining the LAUNCH, which means multiple ways to enter.

Here's a peek at my FREEBIE...

A fun and easy activity to help students with proofreading.

By using the magnifying glasses provided,
student search for errors in their writing.

Cut out the inner circle of the magnifying glass 
and laminate.  The laminating make it look like 
there is really glass there!

Start by writing a short passage on a piece of chart 
paper or the board, making several 
capitalization and punctuation mistakes.

Call students to the board to "magnify" the mistakes 
they find and correct them.

The handle of each magnifying glass has reminders 
to help the kids remember what they are searching for.

There is also a poster to provide a visual reminder.

You can grab this Proofreading Detectives FREEBIE by clicking on the image below.

You can grab this freebie by visiting my store using the button below.

While you are there, make sure to follow my store to get notified of new products, sales, and other goodies from Educents.

After you check out my Educents store (and FREEBIE), 
be sure to check out some of the other stores listed below too.  
And, of course, make sure to enter for your chance to win 
$50 in Educents credits too.

There are at least 11 groups going, 
each with a chance to win $50 in Educents credits.
That's over $500 bucks we're giving away!
You won't want to miss out on any of the fun!

Educents Marketplace $50 in Edubucks Giveaway #8 - 3rd & 4th Grade Stores

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