Saturday, May 2, 2015


It's been a while since I was on the ball enough to link up with Farley from
and not be # 500 and something!

So, here goes...

I love having the house to myself for at least part of the day so I can get stuff done, but I have missed hanging out with the hubs lately since we have both been so busy.  My daughter is 16 now and driving her own car, so she isn't around much, as you might imagine.

I do need to get out of my office and get stuff done around the house.
At least the laundry is getting done though.

I am so excited about my summer plans!
New Orleans for a week for the National CASA conference at the end of this month,  then on to Texas for the TEPSA conference and TPT booth there, then my niece's wedding in San Antonio.  Hopefully, I will get to meet up with some of my SA blogging buddies while I'm there too!  And finally, VEGAS BABY!  Can't wait to see everyone there for the TPT Conference and all the get-togethers!

I'm planning on spending lots of time at the lake with the family and our new jet skis.

I will also be spending lots of time (hopefully!) getting my photography business up and running.  Right now it is just in its infancy stages, but if you want to follow along, I appreciate any help I can get promoting it.  Stay tuned for more details, but in the meantime you can see the baby steps here:

Head on over to Oh' By 4th Grade and see what everyone else is up to, then add your own.  Don't forget to share the love by commenting below!

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  1. Hope you enjoy your time in New Orleans! I live in central Louisiana. I suggest you dress in light, cool clothes as it gets hot and humid here. Vegas should be fun. I was there a couple summers ago for a different conference. Maybe in the future I'll be able to go for the TPT conference!


  2. Have fun in New Orleans! That is one of the places I want to go! Have fun at the TPT conference. I really wish I could go! Maybe next year!
    Fun in ECSE

  3. Get up and clean and organize! That is one of my goals too! I am just sitting at the computer and not much else is getting done! Laundry is on my list! So you are ahead of me!

  4. You have a busy summer planned! I've never been to New Orleans, I can't wait to see pictures! I can't believe both of our girls are driving, I will make sure to be careful in the neighborhood!
    The Blessed Teacher


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