Thursday, June 18, 2015

TPT Seller Challenge - Week 1

I am linking up with some terrific bloggers for a

I have been really busy with vacation and trying to keep up with our book study, but I did carve out some time to work on the challenge for week 1.I have been working in recent months to update some of my older products to make them look better and more polished.  So this week's challenge fell in line with what I have been working on.  It was tough this week though to find the time!  But I did it. I finished updating one of my older power point files.

This file is a good seller in my store but has always felt sort of blah to me.

So I tweaked it by making the cover stand out more and adding my branding.  I also changed out all of the mix matched clipart for updated photos.  I think the new look is much more appealing and professional looking.

Want to check out other makeovers?  Head on over here!  I would love to hear what you think of the makeover.  If you have already purchased it, make sure to download the revised version.  If not you can grab it here.


  1. Love the makeover! It looks really professional with the real photos included. Nice job!

    Joya :)

  2. I like the real photos much more! Your update product looks great!

  3. Great makeover!! I love that you updated the images. Where did you get your new graphics? I'm debating purchasing some real images to use in my products.

    School and the City

    1. Kristin, the images are from and

  4. Your update looks great! I love the clean, professional look of your cover and the real photos. :)

    The Sharpened Pencil


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