Friday, September 4, 2015

It's a Pirate Palooza! - ThingLink Version

Recently, I have the opportunity to expand my Pirate Theme collection for a customer who was going all out with the pirate theme in her second grade classroom.  I loved creating all the goodies!  You can read more about the products in this post.  I finally got a chance to go and visit her classroom to take pictures of the pirate goodies in use.  The school is very old and not that inviting, but the pirate theme brings the classroom a lot of life and fun.

I also stumbled upon thanks to Surfing to Success and ITeachSTEM.  Hover over the images and click on the black dots to learn more about each product.

These cards are part of a power point lesson on fact and opinion.

Not included in the displays are these two other files.

And this desk card freebie.
Thanks to Marsha Batterberry at P.T. Coe Elementary for allowing me to come in and photograph her classroom!

You can find these and all my other Pirate Theme goodies here.

Talk Like a Pirate Day is coming up and these would make fun resources for your classroom!

I have lots of other themes in my store as well.  Want me to make something to go along with your theme?  Just contact me and I'll get to work on it!


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