Saturday, October 31, 2015

Applying the Standards - Common Core Resources for Your Classroom

As a Brand Ambassador, I received some fabulous resources to share with you this month, perfect for applying the common core standards.  (Or just plain good teaching resources if you don't teach common core.)

Evidence-based response to questions is paramount in the Common Core.  Students must be able to provide evidence or proof from the text when answering questions.  Carson Dellosa's Evidence-Based Reading series is just the ticket for helping your students answer inference-based questions in fictional and informational text.

The passages and questions are perfect for 
  • Teacher-led practice
  • Homework 
  • Assessment

These lessons require students to refer to the text in order to give evidence-based answers.


Common Core alignment and a Reading Comprehension Rubric are also provided.


If your classroom is like mine, (and aren't they all!)  you have a huge range of reading ability among your students.  Some are on target, some below grade level, and some exceed our expectations.  The Differentiated Reading for Comprehension series is perfect for differentiating for all levels with your students.  

Each book in the series contains 15 different non-fiction stories, each at 3 different reading levels, above level, on level, and below level.  The below level passages are written at 1 to 1.5 levels below grade level.  The on level passages are written at 0 to .5 levels below grade level, and the above level passages are written at 1 to 2 levels above grade level.  The passages are followed by a set of text-dependent comprehension questions and a writing prompt to build content knowledge.

Again, a Common Core alignment chart is provided.

Do you need materials for math or writing centers?  How about activities for enrichment or fast finishers?  The Curriculum Cut-Outs series is FANTASTIC!  I got to check out the third grade Math Challenge and Story Starters: Research Curriculum Cut-Outs.  

The Math Challenge Curriculum Cut-Outs are a fun, hands-on resource for practicing a variety of third-grade math skills. Math Challenge cards are perfect for math warm-ups, early finishers, or weekly classroom contests. There are 35 unique challenge cards.  Curriculum Cut-Outs can be used during center time, group work, or individual work or when students have completed other tasks.

Here are some examples from the Story Starters: Research Curriculum set.

Each set includes 36 fun, and interesting Research Story Starters topics.
These writing/project prompts encourage critical thinking and creativity and supports the Common Core Standard of increased focus on nonfiction and informational text. Curriculum Cut-Outs are perfect for writing centers, journaling, morning work, extended writing or when students have completed other tasks.
Students could choose their own prompt, or they would go great with a basket of books and resources selected by the teacher to creating a learning center.

Have you ever used these in your classroom?  I would love to hear about your experiences with them and how you use them with your students.  Please share in the comments below.

Head on over to Carson-Delossa by clicking on the links and images above, or get these and other great CD products at your local teaching store.

*I participate in the Brand Ambassador Program for Carson-Dellosa and have received these products for free to review.

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